un-domesticated homes

in progress | audio-cartography
developed within DAAS academy, decolonising Architecture Advanced Studies, Stockholm

un-domesticated homesis a research project that revolves around the aesthetic act of independent and non-commissioned intercultural programs taking place and being produced at home.1 Specifically, it aims to disseminate how critical spatial practices grounded in the home contribute to expanding forms of cultural production beyond institutions.2,3

To "make kin and not (babies/families/ population)" is to redefine the political agency of the inhabitants in challenging their city, starting at home.4 The research project unfolds through a series of audio conversations with the non-commissioned caretakers of these unplanned, precarious community-driven programs as a way to understand their socio-economical and political contexts, as well as their personal and collective backgrounds, motivations, and desires.

The ever-evolving online interactive audio cartography www.undomesticatedhomes.net
aims to disseminate the imaginary of demodern space production through an a-geographical, fluctuant network of keywords. It does so not for the purpose of anatomizing and theorizing something that I am arguing exists, but in order to investigate and spread architectural knowledge beyond the dominant image-based tradition.

Ultimately, with undomesticatedhomes.net the research proposes to expose architectural topics also via audio experiences as an alternative to the dominant image-based architectural knowledge. The website is an invitation to discover what I call un-domesticated homes through the selection of audio conversations of some caretakers and to envision these space production through the voices of the protagonist of these actions. Each conversation is interconnected with others in terms of discourses or positions, but it also shows up as one of the glimpses of this phenomenon. Therefore, the website is not an archive, or a platform it’s more a growing collection of voices that tells the urge, the desire and the consequences of establishing cultural programs at home and the relative social and political impact in their contexts.

This research has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Tobia and Alina of Casa Punto Croce, Bruno of Casa Gomorra, Israel of Bikini Wax, Giovanni of Casa Sponge, Alvise of 2.73, Jean Lorin of Home Fest and many others.

(1) "aesthetic acts as configurations of experience that create new modes of sense perception and induce novel forms of political subjectivity." Jacques Ranciere, The Politics of Aesthetics, The Distribution of the Sensible, 2000

The research has been intellectually supported by the care and love of Decolonising Architecture Advanced Studies community. 

un-domesticated homes has been presented and exhibited

22-23 May 2022, Ground, Stockholm, SE / ST(R)AY II with Alice Pontiggia, Steffie de Gaetano, Michaela Mikaela Karlsson and Linnea Fröjd / activation III and audio-chartography presentation

20 March 2022, KKH studio gallery, Berlin, DE / ST(R)AY I with Alice Pontiggia, Steffie de Gaetano, Michaela Mikaela Karlsson / activation II

18-23 May 2021, Casa Punto Croce, Venice, IT / Decolonizing Architecture First Year Final Exhibition 2021, un-domesticated homes / activation I

12-13 November 2021, KKH, Stockholm, SE / Rundgång, un-domesticated homes presentation