Home Cultural Home

july 2019 | public event

A debate on the birth, development and goals of specific programs with a cultural vocation, established in inhabited houses and led by its dwellers.

In an extended confrontation between the protagonists of these initiatives and some experts in related fields, the talk aimed at tackling topics like cohabitation with art, the cultural production, the social spaces and everyday life between dwelling and environment and tourism.

The talk aimed at bringing out meanings and values generated by these projects and the consequent spatial, social, cultural, economic and political effects.

Home Cultural Home was part of Demanio Marittimo a summer event dedicated to arts and Architecture curated by Pippo Ciorra e Cristiana Colli

Giovanni Gaggia / Artista, Performer, Fondatore di Casa Sponge (Pergola)
Alvise Giacomazzi / Architetto, Fondatore di 2.73 (Venezia)
Tobia Tomasi / Promotore Culturale, Fondatore di Casa Punto Croce (Venezia, Italia)
Jean Lorin / Ricercatore, scrittore, artista e performer Fondatore di Lorgean Theatre and homemade culture
Alessandro Fonte / Architetto, Artista, Membro di nanotourism
Beatrice Meoni / Artista

event curated by Cristiana Colli e Pippo Ciorra artribune.com